Who We Are

Founded in 1971,  when a group of homeowners recognized that an active program,  characterized by awareness, concern and involvement would be critical to  preserve and protect the quality of life and environment of the community, the Vinings Village Homeowners Association has been the guiding force in maintaining Vinings unique village ambiance. 

The  genesis of the organization resulted from the real estate development  boom of the 1970's when developers attempted to circumvent zoning codes  in order to construct high density apartments and townhomes within the  boundaries of the historically established village. Brandy Station would  be a sub-division of high-rise apartments, had it not been for the  diligence of the fledgling "Vinings Association" who fought to keep the  R30 zoning that gives Vinings Village the intimate quality enjoyed by  its residents.

Through four decades, the Vinings  Village Homeowners Association has faced a variety of challenges from  zoning to traffic and from over-commercialization to historic  preservation. Until 2010,  Vinings was simply a part of unincorporated Cobb County. Through a  collaboration between the Vinings Village Homeowners Association and  Cobb County Commissioners; Vinings Village has been recognized in the  Cobb County Comprehensive Plan. Today, the VVHA partners with Cobb  County Board of Commissioners as well as State of Georgia elected  officials in bringing solutions to issues through cooperative problem  solving.

Currently, the focus of the Association is on preserving and maintaining the character of Historic  Vinings Village; its environmentally protective zoning which  distinquishes  it from other parts of Cobb County, and its small town  ambiance.