Safety Information


Non - Emergency 

Vinings Precinct #3

Precinct Captain: H.P.Hagebak


Cobb County Emergency Alert System



 Doors and Entry Areas: 

Are your doors of solid core construction?

Do entry doors have a wide-angle viewer?

Are the door locks secure if a burglar breaks out the glass or a panel of the door?

Do exterior doors have cylinder-type deadbolt locks with at least a one-inch throw and a beveled cylinder guard?

Do the doors without cylinder locks have a heavy bolt or some similar secure device that can be operated only from the inside?

Can all of your doors (basement, porch, french, balcony) be securely locked?

Do your basement doors have locks that allow you to isolate that part of the house?

Are all your locks in good repair?

Are the door strike plates installed with at least three-inch wood screws?

Do you know everyone who has a key to your house?

Do all out swinging doors have the hinges pinned or have non-removable pins?

Are entry areas unobstructed by shrubbery and other decor to permit maximum visibility?

Does the porch light have a minimum 60-watt bulb?

Do sliding doors have auxiliary locks, that secure both the door panels together?

Do sliding glass doors lift out of the track?

Is the garage door secured with a padlock, hasp, or other auxiliary lock?

Do you lock your garage door at night?

Do you lock  your garage door when you are away from home?

Do you lock your car and take the keys even when it is parked in your garage?


Are all windows equipped with auxiliary key locks or pinned? 

Have you replaced or secured Louvere windows?  

Are your window locks properly secured, mounted?   

Do you keep your windows locked when they are shut?

Do you use locks that allow you to secure a window that is partly opened?

Do you have secure locks on garage windows?

Do you have garage windows that are covered by curtains?

Are basement and second floor windows as secure as those on the first floor?

Safe Practice:  

Are your alarm systems activated with audible alarm when you leave?  

Are your alarm system signs displayed where potential thieves will see them?  

Do you notify your neighbors when out of town?    

Do you stop newspaper deliveries when away?    

Are lights installed around the perimeter of your home? 

Do you keep excess cash and other valuables in a bank? 

Do you "hide" a key under the door mat?

Are your trees and shrubs trimmed to eliminate hiding places? 

Have you made it more difficult for the burglar to gain access to a second floor or roof!   

Have you told your family what to do if they discover a burglar breaking in or already in the house?  

Do you have emergency telephone numbers listed by your phone?   

Do you keep a list of the serial numbers for your cameras, TV's, VCR's and other similar items?   

Do you have a description of other valuable property that does not have an assigned number?   

*If going out of town for an extended time, consider calling Cobb County Police to request a daily security check while you are away.

(770) 499-4183.