Eight Areas of Vinings Village Homeowners Association


A River, A Road, A Railroad..........

*The Vinings Village Homeowners Association is comprised of distinct geographic areas.

Areas 1 through 7 fall within the Village Boundaries as established by the Cobb County Comprehensive Plan. 

Area 8  includes only certain defined subdivisions West of Log Cabin Road.

Each Area is represented by two elected residents.

AREA I: Stillhouse Lane, Carters Grove, Loridan Way, Paces Mill

AREA II: Cochise, Laramie, Teton, Craggy Point, Paces Ferry

AREA III: New Paces, Tanglewood, Vinings Forest Way, Paces Lake, (upper) Randall Farm

AREA IV: Brandy Station. Lemons Ridge, Paces Manor, (upper) Woodland Brook

AREA V: Farmington, Bakers Farm, Polo Lane, South Elizabeth, (mid) Woodland Brook

AREA VI: Orchard Knob, Wellington Court, (lower) Randal Farm, Brookview 

AREA VII: North Elizabeth, Rebel Valley, (south) Woodland Brook  

AREA VIII: Log Cabin (identified areas) 

To find your area representative please see Board of Trustees or email us at ViningsVillage@outlook