Our community...

The Strength of the Vinings Village Community is dependent on its working partnership between the Volunteer Associations that make up its heart.

Many thanks to the dedicated volunteers who devote their energies to Vinings Village preservation and sustainability.

Vinings Village Civic Club est. 1919 [VVCC
Serving, informing, promoting civic opportunities while enjoying neighbors and friends at monthly meetings and community quarterly clean ups. or 

Vinings Village Homeowner’s Association est. 1971 [VVHA]
Founded 1971  to  serve homeowners through an active program of  involvement in all matters relative to the preservation, enhancement and protection of the quality of life and environment of the Vinings Village Community.
Meetings are held the Second Monday of every month at  the Vinings Fire Station at 7:00 pm.
All members of the community are welcome. 

Vinings Village Woman’s Club  est. 1978 [VVWC]
Keeping “Vinings Village” beautiful, connecting friends & neighbors, raising money
through pine straw sales for village projects. or

Vinings Jubilee est. 1985
The Vinings Jubilee is the centerfold of this Historic Community. Situated in the center of this one-intersection Civil War Village, nestled between the Chattahoochee River and the Railroad Depot for which the Community gained its identity, it is a unique kind of up-scale shopping center, featuring turn-of-the-century architecture celebrating the community’s colorful past.
*The Jubilee Management shows great care in respecting the community’s image and works with Community Associations to advance the best interest of the community.

Vinings Historic Preservation Society est. 1993 [VHPS]
Founded in 1993  its  primary mission is to preserve the historic spirit and structures  of Vinings – the Pace House, Old Pavilion and Vinings Center which serve as a focal point for Vinings’ colorful history, telling vibrant stories of the areas founder Hardy Pace.
Vinings Center is open Mon-Fri throughout the year and makes historic documents and information available to the public.

Vinings Community Conservation Alliance  [VCCA] est. 2011
The Vinings Community Conservation Alliance  is a community organized non-profit corporation, formed to fund the long range master plan created for Vinings Village. Its purpose is to establish criteria for the implementation of community designed improvement projects through national and regional Grants and Institutional Donations.

Rotary Club of Vinings
The Rotary Club of Vinings has a strong tradition of providing service to our community and promoting fellowship among its members.
Meetings are held Wednesdays at 12:00 PM at The Vinings Club.