Community Planning

The Vinings Vision Plan

Why do a master plan for Vinings?

  • To help create a sense of place. 
  • To protect from over development and land use issues. 
  • To address transportation issues. 
  • To help preserve historic and cultural resources.  

    In  2009 the Vinings Village Homeowners Association, Board of Trustees  initiated a massive campaign to reclaim the Community’s identity by  controlling the use of the “Vinings” name and establishing a  forward  reaching plan to  protect Vinings from future over development.

    These  efforts resulted in a two year collaborative study with the Vinings  Community and Cobb County Department of Community Development to create a  long range master plan for Vinings that will establish criteria and  strategies to play a protective role in preserving Vinings’ uniqueness,  character, charm, and history.   

To view The Vinings Vision Plan
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Character Map

Master Plan Map

Transportation Map

Natural & Cultural Resources Map

Our most sincere thanks  to the Cobb County, Community Development, Planning Division,  for their  generosity of time and creativity in developing a plan that will  protect the future of Vinings Village.