It is the objective of this committee to transmit important information to  Vinings Village homeowners pertaining to the work of the Association as  well as the important matters that affect the quality of life and  property values of the Community. 

Chair - 

Zoning & Land Use:

 It  is the  purpose of the  Zoning/Land Use Committee to examine all   matters concerning Zoning & Land Use in Vinings Village and  Transition Areas, to notify the VVHA  Board of these issues, and to  recommend necessary action determined to be in the best interest of  ViningsVillage Homeowners.

Chair - Cullen Hammond 

Nominating Committee:

 It  is the mission of the Nominating Committee to recruit and vet Board  Members and facilitate Area Representatives in reaching out to their  respective areas .

Chair -  

Safety Committee

The safety committee is responsible for the security of the community involving development and execution of strategies and programs to keep  residents and their property secure.

Chair - Cliff Meinhardt 

Legal & Finance Committee

This Committee  is responsible for ensuring that the Association complies with relevant  laws and regulations, follows the procedures specified in the ByLaws  and investigates legal matters pertinent to the neighborhood and the  Association.

Chair - 

Government Liaison:

 It  is the mission of the VVHA Government Liaison to provide a connection  between the Vinings Village Homeowners Association and its County and  State Governments, while encouraging a collaborative approach to problem  solving.

Liaison -  Taryn Bowman 

CCID Representative:

 It  is the responsibility of the CCID representative to attend CCID  meetings and report significant events that will affect the Vinings  community to the VVHA Board.

Liaison - Bert Smith